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Create and download SVG stripes online free

Animated Stripe Pattern Generator Tool

A free tool for the web design community

SVG Stripe Maker is a design tool to create the tiles for striped background.


  • SVG only stripe image, no CSS or JavaScript is included
  • The SVG animation works also in background images
  • Any number of stripes can be added dynamically
  • Choose any angle in linear animation (stripe orientation)
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise radial animation
  • Width / height can be defined to the downloaded SVG image
  • Two color stripe patterns, 3 color stripe patterns, 4 color stripe patterns, etc.


  • Can be used as static on animated stripe decorations
  • Can be used as animated preloader or progress bar
  • Can be easily used as CSS background images
  • Can be embedded as pure SVG images
  • Can be used as photoshop stripe pattern generator
  • Can be used as a crochet stripe generator
  • Can be used as stylecraft stripe generator